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All bloggers usually think of one great WordPress plugin that they can add to make their blog great. Whether it’s in managing the comment section, all the way up to even finding a WordPress plugin to automate your posts for you! There are a lot of them on there!

I am always intrigued by how these WordPress plugins are made. I’m no coder, but I have always wondered just how hard it would be to do. Naturally, I checked, and turns out that these “premium” plugins are no cake-walk. It takes hours and weeks of hard work, testing and re-testing, in order to get some of your favorite plugins do what they do! The best part is all it takes from people like you and I is to simply upload it and start editing our preferences. Not much thought really goes in to how that WordPress plugin actually does the functions that it does, we just reap the great benefits of it!

The Cash Donator WordPress Plugin

My good friend, Enstine Muki, you know him as the creator and manager of EasyRetweet.com, a great site that allows you to get Twitter followers, retweets, and a bunch of other cool stuff for free!…

Enstine has created what I would like to simply call one of the best manageable, profitable, and easy-to-use interface WordPress plugin that I have ever had the pleasure of using.

This plugin is called Cash Donator. This plugin is great because it manages your affiliates, email marketing, Google Ads, newsletters, and so much more with only a few steps!

You have heard that “the money is in the list” right? One of the functions that this plugin does is to promote your email marketing…anywhere!Have you ever seen those professional bloggers that have their email list at the bottom of their posts? These guys pay high dollar prices to be able to use a plugin that does this for them. Not only are you now able to get in the game with the “big boys”, but you are not limited to just using it for email marketing!

Want your Google Adsense to show up in your posts? You got it! Did you ever think it would be cool to be able to promote your newsletter while blogging? You can do that too! The possibilities are endless!

There are lots of powerful features that comes with this, and not to take away from the coding, or the plugin in any way, the simple-ness of personal editing is a pleasure to use!

How To Use this WordPress Plugin

Now I am desperately trying not to make this a sales page. I hate those! However, it’s hard to stray away from that type of writing when something as valuable as this is literally self-promoting!

Ok, I have told you about how great it is, now I just go ahead and tell you to click and buy, right?

Nope. I for one can’t stand when a review is given, telling me how great the product is, and how much money I’ll make. Usually after this is given to the reader, you would normally see the “Buy Now” button. Since I hate those things, I actually want to show you what you are buying!

Step #1: Choose Your Option:

wordpress plugin

After you have purchased the Cash Donator plugin and have uploaded it, you need to start your campaign.  Create a name for your ad.  This will not be seen by the public, but for your records only.  You have the option of which posts you want the chosen ad to display on also.  Choose by dates, or simply by clicking the box beside of the blog post title.  (You can always change this later, it’s not set in stone).  After this, click “Create Ad Box”.

Step #2-Managing Your Ad

wordpress plugin

After you have clicked the “Create Ad Box”, it will save and you will want to click the “Manage Ad Box” .  The image above is what you will see after you click the latter.  Choose from among the many ads that you may have created and click “edit”.

Step #3-Editing Your Ad

wordpress plugin

This is actually the first box in a long list of box options that you can choose from on this page.  I broke it up to explain how it works.  This certain box is pretty self-explanatory.  It just prompts you to choose what type of ad that you want to build.  I have chosen “Affiliate”, as I am promoting someone else’s product….

wordpress plugin

These are just a few of the options that you can choose from while building your ad spots on your blog.  It’s pretty self-explanatory and very easy to use.  You are going to be amazed at the results of the Cash Donatorplugin and what it can do for your site.

Usually the sidebar is the place that people take advantage of placing their ads on. When you put a specific, post related ad in the post of your blog, you then take advantage of a higher click-through ratio from your readers and therefore making more money from your site.

In Conclusion

Enstine Muki has hit a home run with the Cash Donatorplugin! At an astounding $17, you can have this plugin today and start making money by “targeting” your readers in the body of your blog! Use it because it’s easy and hassle free, and, since you can now place more professional looking ads in your blog, there’s more potential for money!

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  1. Cash Donator is cool! I already got a copy of the plugin.

  2. Great to see you reviewed Enstine’s plugin Wade. It is really a great plugin for all WordPress users and I appreciate he placed my testimonial on sales page.

  3. Hi Wade, Thanks for publishing this review. I always say the only product and affiliate should review is one he has used, and from the extended uses highlighted in this review, it is clear you have used and gained value from this plugin.

    Well done.

  4. I’m curious, how many people actually donate money? Nice write-up on the plugin!

  5. Nice review on Cashdonator Wade! Certainly appreciate your honesty. As always, bringing value to your readers.


  6. Man, This post is a great deal ! Thanks for giving out this info for us! Wish you can continue on all these great stuffs!

  7. Though I am not sure I want to use this plugin yet (still a baby blogger), I do wonder at times how much hard work, sweat an toil that must be going into the making of each of these fabulous plugins which we effortlessly download.
    I am not techie myself, and have deep respect for those who work hard to give us such fabulous plugins!

  8. Are there any sample blogs using this plugin online?

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