How To Write A Perfect Google Plus Post

Ever wondered how to write a perfect Google Plus post? See?  I told you that you had to think about what you are saying when you post updates to Google Plus!  First, let me explain something.  While I would love to take credit for this idea, I cannot.  This was actually something that I wrote about that also helps you to bridge Google Plus to Pinterest, but I honestly didn’t know that someone had explained this in more detail so I thought I would fill you in; those people that didn’t see my update about this on Google Plus.

This actually comes from Dustin Stout, and you can follow him on G+ here:

Here is the original Google Plus update that he shared, and I reshared in case you missed it:

Pretty cool huh? Go ahead and re-share that one if you don’t mind. Your followers will be grateful for it!

Again, I’m simply redirecting you to someone who already has written this up on their site. You can read how to write the perfect Google Plus post here because, let’s give him credit, he came up with it!

Why Am I redirecting people away from my blog?
That’s easy. Sometimes I don’t have all the answers. In reality, and I don’t care who you are…yes you, the one with 50k followers on G+, you don’t know everything and sometimes you have to give credit where credit is due.

I would appreciate you bookmarking his post to read for later, or you can read it now, either way, you need to read it because it shows you how to create a post that brings interaction, engagement, searches, and drives traffic to your site.

how to write a perfect google plus post

Image courtesy of Dustn.Tv/perfect-post

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  1. Hi Wade,

    Oh wow! One of the mpst informatic write up I read today! Thanks for sharing this. I think it is very valuable for me since I am no big fan of Google+.

    Still need to spend more time using it and I think this is a great way to start with.

    Thanks for sharing and I really appreciate it! Will buffer it tomorrow :)

    • Reggie, I think you should definitely spend more time on G+ because if you gave it one week, I know you would fall in love with this platform bro!

  2. Sagar nandwani says:

    Great post !!! think that every single point mentioned can be extended beyond just G+ into best practices for content on almost any medium – great images and headlines can instantly draw even an uninterested crowd into an article, while organisation of the rest of the articles/post will keep them there.

  3. Hi Wade. I have Dustin in circles and I enjoy the content he shares.

    I do have a question though and it is about the position of the link. Any insights on why it’s important to put the link in the middle of the post that way?

    I see a lot of Google+ folks doing this but I think it’s peculiar. Why can’t the link go at the end (before the hashtags?) That is my preference.

    • I’m not sure Ileane, I too have saw people doing it, and I actually wrote a post about how to link G+ to Pinterest doing this. Some people, like Rebekah Radice, were also putting the pinned image URL inside the G+ update as well. I don’t know what makes this style more effective but it is. I’ve been doing it every time I publish a post and it gets more shares and +1′s than when I promote it regularly. Plus it gets more re-pins too.

      The link Could go at the end in my opinion, I guess you would just have to test some things out like that, but make sure you upload the image first, otherwise the URL image will show up and that’s not great. Also, doing it like this holds no SEO weight either.

  4. Mitch Mitchell says:

    Good move, sharing like that; see, that’s what I like about real bloggers that people who don’t do it don’t get. You got a post out of it, he got some extra publicity on a very nicely written post. I just wrote a post on G+ to test that theory and we’re going to see how well it works, since I’m not used to seeing long form posts there and I’m not sure how the audience will respond. Worth a shot though right?

    • Most definitely Mitch! I was simply thinking that I could just get the content out there to my readers. I didn’t really care if I came up with it or not, just trying to share it because I thought it was great!

      And on your deal, yes, that is worth a shot. You never know what people will respond to.

  5. I have just followed Dustin. He is sharing some really awesome stuff on Google+. To be honest, I have never used G+ as my main social media network. Facebook has worked too well for me (probably because I have a good follower base there). I see that Google+ is catching up the race slowly.

  6. Susan Velez says:

    Hi Wade,

    Great article, especially for someone who is still learning all about Google Plus. I have to admit I don’t use it enough in my business, but after reading this article I may have to give it a shot.

    I just started using Twitter and have heard people talking a lot about Google plus. Which one do you think drives more traffic and helps you build relationships better?

    Thanks for the share, I will definitely have to give this a shot.

    • Well when I first started out, Twitter drove more traffic for me. But G+ wasn’t even a platform then, so you never know. But when I started on G+ I had no followers and it wasnt that popular so I didn’t get a lot of traffic for it. Read this post under my comment to learn how to drive traffic from Twitter easily.

  7. Ram Shengale says:

    Wow. I was not aware that you could customize Google posts so much. I’ll definitely give this a try.

  8. Hi Wade – It had never occurred to me to go into so much detail.

    Personally I send the same message out to all 4 of my social media accounts via Hootsuite. As Twitter is my biggest following the message is very geared towards that network (short and sweet)